The Marine Mammal Center

Sea Lion Soirée 2016


Sea Lion SoirÉe 2016

Thanks for joining The Marine Mammal Center in celebrating the Science Behind the Center. Our Sea Lion Soirée event on September 18 was a great success as supporters from all over the world joined us at the Center, creating an intergenerational afternoon with guests of all ages.

With help from people like you, we raised more than $421,000 to support the Science Behind the Center. Your ongoing support will strengthen our mission to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education.

View a video about Candy Corn, our sea lion patient that was released at Rodeo Beach during the Sea Lion Soirée.

How'd you do on our five-question science quiz? Take a look at the answer key to find out!

View photos from the event by Drew Altizer.

RedCarpetSF applauds the Sea Lion Soirée.


Jeff Boehm, DVM



Cecily Majerus, chair
Patricia Arrigoni*
Barbara Beasley
Rob Guarasci
Moira Hanes
Betty Hasler
Paul D. Maxwell*
Rebecca Moyle
Keith Rosenthal
Ally Sievers
Stacey Silver
Lloyd* and Gayle Smalley
Tamyra Thomas
Jane Malloy Thornton
Lisa Podos Wais
Ellyn Weisel
Jennifer Weller

* Founders


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H. Michael & Jeanne Williams

Pat Callahan and David Dee
Rob and Sophie Guarasci
Lundquist Family
Merrill and Cinnie Magowan
Glen Mathison and Zoel Fages
Avid Modjtabai
Sandor and Faye Straus
Jane Malloy Thornton

Susan Grau
Rebecca Moyle and Tyler Lange

Mary Ann Griller
Moira Hanes
The Hardison Family
Betty and William Hasler
Beth Inadomi and Tim Newell
Michael J. Kleeman
Cecily and David Majerus
Dr. Linda McAllister and Dr. Leslee Subak
Karen Johnson-McKewan and Tom McKewan
Phil and Jean Warren

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Sarah Allen
Patricia and Peter Arrigoni
Karen Berger
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Maryann Bramhall
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Nicole DuPuis
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Michael Genhart and John Stiehler
Dub and Lyn Hay
Michele and William Hunnewell
Michael Labrie
BJ Last
Richard and Melanie Lundquist

Paul D. and JoAnne Maxwell
Kathy McIntosh-Smith
Sunny and Mark McKee
Luanne Melden
The Mermaids Incognito
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Angela Nguyen-Dinh
Marcie and Robert Phares
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Gillian Rhett
Jen and Joanne Rios
Pam Sagan
Donna Seid
Dr. Stacy L. Serber
Lloyd and Gayle Smalley
Jennifer Heyneman Sousae
Léonie Walker
Robert J. Wilson

Deb Albinson, Chris Albinson, Anna Albinson
The Altree Family
David Basham
Nina and Andrew Berman
The Boehm Rosenthal Family
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Rosemarie and Sal Agosta
Barbara and David Beasley
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Melody and Irving Boime
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Kathleen Carrai
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Marilyn Cracchiolo
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Kathleen Earley
Bessie Fickel
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Suzanne and Conrad Figueroa

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Roberta Kemmerer
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Mary Lynn Kunkel
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Belinda Martinez
Alan Mathewson
Matson Foundation
Dorothy Mayer
Marilyn McCall
Richard McGlone
Danny the Kitty Cat Miller
Gayle and John Minkler
Patricia Packer
Mrs. Jeanne E. Pauley, TTEE, The Pauley Foundation
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The Boehm Rosenthal Family
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Maryann Bramhall
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Kevin Brennan
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Laura Butler
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Gabby Genhart-Stiehler and John Stiehler
David and Della Gibbs
Lisa Goldman
Jeanne Walker Harvey
Dub and Lyn Hay
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Sharon Herzer
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Alicia and Eric Isero
Gregory Johnson

Marie Kazan-Komarek
Sally and Philip Kipper
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Douglas Magowan
Cecily and David Majerus
Sean Manchester
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Stephen and Ashley McLin
Evi and David Meyer
Avid Modjtabai
Jamie Moldafsky
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